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This contemporary style of employment may have been partially represented by the term "offshore software engineering," which refers to transferring part or all of the work of software development projects to firms or teams suitable for use outside of the client’s country.

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We at Saigon Technology focus on each client's specific demands, which are all taken into account while building an app using our team's approach. Dedicated team members are committed to the project and its goals and rigorously stick to the client-specified method.

For each project, we provide the service of our offshore software development center to ensure that the client's attention remains focused on the project at all times.



Offshore software development saves business money in terms of development costs. Most nations, except for Western Europe and North America, have lower hourly wages due to lower living expenses.



Since your project may benefit from the expertise of people from across the world working on it, we can see that offshore software outsourcing enables organizations to tap into global experience since they have a well-managed offshore development workforce.



Offshore software outsourcing allows businesses to easily and quickly scale up or down their team almost instantaneously without any hassle, thereby meeting the needs of your business most optimally.



In offshore software development, by not having to worry too much about administrative processes, and recruiting talent, you can speed up software product production and accelerate launch to market, serving the end-users.



Businesses that have a good reputation may bring reliability, evident in their certifications, working processes, and transparency when expressing opinions... Almost all initiatives are founded on legal contracts, such as contracts or NDAs. With these papers, you may be certain that your project will be completed on schedule.



Only by selecting the proper firm with strong working methods, comprehensive safety certifications, compliance with international software development standards, and the best offshore developers can project risks be minimized. Your offshore software development business will examine and employ the most suitable, best possible usage techniques for maximum flexibility and least downtime.


ISO/IEC 27001

Information Security Management

ISO 9001

Quality Management Systems



Clients from all over the world, including well-known corporations in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and other countries, have relied on Saigon Technology since 2010 for high-quality and affordable offshore software development services.

The Pool of Professionals with Technical Skills

The Pool of Professionals with Technical Skills

Specializing in software development for outsourcing, Saigon Technology has been home to talents from all across Vietnam including Software Development Experts, Quality Control, UX/UI Designers, and more.

Exceptional Solutions

Exceptional Solutions

Offshore product development Offshore web development Offshore app development Offshore front-end development Offshore back-end development

Dedicated Expertise

Dedicated Expertise

Project-Based Outsourcing, Delivery Teams, and Staff Augmentation all fall within this category. The whole deployment procedure is taken care of by working with Saigon Technology, greatly reducing the burden of cost and effort for clients. As soon as we get your request, we will put together a team of experts in the technologies you want and are ready to begin on your projects.

Easily Getting Through Challenges

Easily Getting Through Challenges

An offshore company's best software engineers can help you avoid development difficulties more quickly. Utilizing offshoring, you may overcome obstacles by either integrating talent with your in-house personnel or instantly finding the ideal match for difficult or temporary roles.


If you are wondering what exactly is meant by offshore software development, think of outsourcing. The very term “offshore software engineering” means working with an external firm for developing software products outside the client’s nation. The concepts of offshoring and outsourcing are used interchangeably in many occasions. However, offshoring happens to be just a small part of what is called outsourcing software development services.

When it comes to offshore software development, the outsourcing of projects to a foreign company is usually done by either hiring an individual software developer or partnering with an agency. A company may delegate the entire project or just specific features or parts of the same. Offshore software development services generally involve custom software development, mobile application development, and web development, to name a few.

Although offshore software development has many merits, it does not come as a surprise that this method of project outsourcing also involves many demerits. Hence, you need to have detailed information about all the bells and whistle of offshore software development to decide what would be the best solution for your business needs.

Here, in this discussion, you can learn about everything you would ever ask or want to know about offshore software engineering.

The advantages of offshore software development - Less expensive

Less Expensive

Offshore software development helps in saving company capital in the matter of the cost of development. Due to cheaper living costs, countries except those of Western Europe and Northern America charge lower hourly rates. Moreover, many agencies also include additional services, such as support.

The advantages of offshore software development - No training or administration required

No Training Or Administration Required

It is a matter of fact that outsourcing software development services eliminate the need for hiring employees, training them, administering their progress, and paying them a salary. Furthermore, investing in the latest tools and equipment required to be used by the hired employees for the project also gets waived off.

The advantages of offshore software development - Access to global talent

Access To Global Talent

Offshore software outsourcing allows companies to access global expertise as they have a well-maintained offshore development team. As a client, you can get international experts to work on your project. Furthermore, these experts would leverage the best-in-class and most advanced tools in your development projects to render you the best solution for your business needs.

The advantages of offshore software development - Increased Time To Market

Increased Time To Market

Offshore software outsourcing facilitates shared responsibility, which in turn leads to a faster development process. The offshore agencies manage the vulnerabilities during software development in a shared manner. This speeds up the overall process, and the client gets increased time for the final testing and marketing of the product.

The advantages of offshore software development - Cultural Gaps

Cultural Gaps

Hard work may have different implications for the residents of Spain and the UK. Issues related to culture, tradition, gender, work ethics, language, and other sensitive aspects could come up and result in undesirable scenarios if not understood beforehand. Hence, it is essential for both parties to acknowledge and respect the cultural background of each other.

The advantages of offshore software development - Communication Issues

Communication Issues

The core communication between both the parties can slow down or not take place at all because of differences in time zone, working hours, language, and bandwidth. Administering and resolving all the things at the right time can be very problematic at times.

The advantages of offshore software development - Data Risks

Data Risks

Data related risks increase to a considerable extent when you outsource your software projects to an offshore agency. When outsourcing your software development project to a foreign company, you need to share sensitive data of your business. Even if you get a non-disclosure contract signed from your outsourcing partner, they can still misuse, abuse, or breach your business data without your knowledge or permission.

The advantages of offshore software development - Quality Is Not Guaranteed

Quality Is Not Guaranteed

Generally, many companies end up overlooking the cons of offshore software outsourcing by getting lured by the reduced time and costs. This can sometimes be risky as you may end up hiring a team having less experience or no skills. As a result, it can affect the quality of your project.

Have a clear idea about your niche and know the marketplace. Communicate with your potential customers and determine what features they want in the product. Learn about the current competition, and check what your competitors are doing, which technologies they are using, and which aspects of their products are being appreciated by the customers.

Create a roadmap consisting of step-by-step processes to reach your milestones.

Build sketches, wireframes, and blueprints of your prospective product by considering the future users and usage of the product.

Analyze what tools, technologies, skills, and capacities you would require for making your idea turn into reality. Research the outsourcing models available and choose the one which best suits your purpose.

Finally, prepare an in-depth specification of the project requirements as well as quality standards.

In addition to providing clients with excellent value, they also help a firm stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage. You might consider hiring offshore software developers if you detect a decline in the quality and inventiveness of your goods and services.

As there is a host of offshore software development agencies across the globe, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Here are some simple yet useful tips for picking the offshore outsourcing company that suits your purpose:

How to pick the right offshore software outsourcing agency - Ask For Reference

Ask For Reference

Never feel shy to ask for suggestions and references. You can’t even imagine how advice and recommendations given by others can help you in your search process. So, consult your peers and associates who have already outsourced their software development projects to offshore companies.

How to pick the right offshore software outsourcing agency - Contact Multiple Companies

Contact Multiple Companies

Determining which offshore outsourcing company to choose takes effort and time. One of the best tips is contacting multiple agencies and comparing what they offer. Check which outsourcing agency suits your requirements and objectives and take an informed decision.

How to pick the right offshore software outsourcing agency - Do Not Take Decisions In A Rush

Do Not Take Decisions In A Rush

It is effortless to get lured by the polished portfolios of the outsourcing companies and make a decision hurriedly. Avoid doing this. Do some research about your prospective offshore outsourcing companies. Check their website and social media profiles and verify credibility. You may also go through the reviews and ratings posted by their past clients.

How to pick the right offshore software outsourcing agency - Check For Experience, Expertise, And Certifications

Check For Experience, Expertise, And Certifications

It is essential to check the experience of your prospective offshore outsourcing company. You should also find out the technologies it specializes in and the tools used by it. In addition to this, you should also consider checking for relevant certifications before taking your final decision.


Many offshore development businesses make it tough to find the ideal match. As a result, offshore development extends well beyond a person's talents and abilities. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Vendor's Location

Vendor's Location

Other rising locations have proved successful and maybe a good fit for your specific needs. Examples of countries with a good reputation include Vietnam and a slew of Eastern European nations including the Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Flexibility and Price

Flexibility and Price

An ideal offshore development partner must have a wide range of project management and pricing options. Seek a company that offers a variety of contract options at a reasonable price..

Aspects of Expertise, Knowledge, and Abilities

Aspects of Expertise, Knowledge, and Abilities

An offshore developer's ability to meet your project's specific needs is a key factor in determining if the project will be a success. The perfect offshore corporation should show proficiency in applying frameworks and technology stacks to serve their clients in the best way possible.

Organizational Security Policies

Organizational Security Policies

There are several things to look for in an outsourcing organization, including:

  • • The company has a well-defined business continuity strategy
  • • Data protection and security measures have been implemented inside the company's internal structures.
  • • Transparency in how your project data will be managed is another important consideration.
  • • Contractual obligations, in particular those about intellectual property and data security, are observed.


There are a variety of models to choose from, including the following:

OSDC Classic

OSDC Classic

This is the most typical kind of engagement, and it involves the employment of a full-time project manager and a dedicated team.

To guarantee that you get the most out of your offshore software development outsourcing investment, team members are recruited with the right mix of talents to meet your firm's demands in terms of both technology and commercial requirements.

OSDC Branded

OSDC Branded

If your company wishes to build and operate your development organization, this strategy is excellent!

Offshore software development centers can assist in the effective creation of this framework and guarantee that you are protected from operational hazards.

OSDC Trust

OSDC Trust

Following a thorough evaluation of your organization, we provide recommendations for resolving issues and defining your company's objectives and expectations.

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