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What are SaaS Solutions?

SaaS facilitates online access to and utilization of cloud-based software. In the workplace, this often involves factors like email, calendars, and other productivity software (such as Microsoft Office 365). With SaaS solutions, you may get a whole software suite from a hosting company and pay for it on a per-use basis.

Numerous companies have started using SaaS solutions on the cloud since they are more efficient and cheaper. Saigon Technology offering SaaS solutions with significant benefits:

Few initial financial commitments
Expenditures for capital, such as those required to purchase equipment and software, are eliminated utilizing a SaaS product, leaving just the cost of consumables to be accounted for in the income and expenses of the business.
Available from any location
Since all utilities are pushed to the cloud and stored in SaaS solutions, if users have a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other form of technology, along with an internet connection, they can do the job from almost anywhere in the world.
Adaptability to be boosted
As the company grows in size, it is also a time when we need to adjust many things, including where to store information, data, schedule work... Hence, business owners need to accommodate the increased number of individuals who will need access to the system, the increased amount of information, and the additional functionality that will be necessary.
Regularly automatic updates
One of the most appealing aspects of SaaS offerings is the degree to which they automate formerly manual processes. Vendors may implement timely enhancements due to the size and input they get from their users. Consequently, your company's IT staff will have more time for other, more big priorities.
Security to be enhanced
The safety of their data is always and forever the number one priority of each modern company or individual user. Due to the collaborative characteristics of the SaaS products, everyone may take advantage of the stricter cybersecurity designed for the most vulnerable users.

Promote Optimization Across Your Operations with SaaS Platform, Why Not?

Corporate clients have benefitted from the wide range of SaaS products that Saigon Technology has long offered, allowing them to innovate their businesses in the manner they prefer

Consulting for SaaS Solutions
Saigon Technology's business professionals are on hand and ready to research your requirements to advise you on the best course of action for your company via analysis, planning, and consultation.
Improved maintenance & expansion of SaaS Products
Reaching out to Saigon Technology, you would have your current SaaS completely redesigned, or at least have it supported and updated regularly, thanks to the enthusiastic support from our talented engineers.
Contracting out for SaaS Solution Development Services
Entrust your projects to our skilled team of software engineers and developers from start to finish, from the earliest stages of laying a strong foundation to future improvement and upgrade procedures.

Why Saigon Technology for Your Application SaaS Development Projects?

10+ years of experience in the Pacific-Asian IT sector, with an abundance of SaaS projects.
Clients may get help at any time of the day.
The average employee has nine years of experience in their area.
Ready to go to work on a project within a week of getting the first brief.
Works across a wide variety of technological domains.
Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City, two of the busiest cities in Vietnam, are home to our two main software development hubs.
All of our projects and operations are conducted following the internationally recognized standards for Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Information Security (ISO 270001).

How We Process
Your SaaS Product Requirements?

How We Process Your SaaS Product Requirements?

01. Plan Setting Up
Successful SaaS projects begin with careful planning. While team members are typically responsible for planning, you may always enlist their assistance if needed. And if you're looking to break into or expand your current market, we will provide you with business analysis (BA) services to help you do just that.
02. Dig Into Requirements
This phase includes organizing the project's goals and creating the documentation that will be used to build the final SaaS product. A business analysis will schedule many meetings with you throughout the project's discovery phase to gather information and start writing up documentation.
03. Design
Since cloud-based software may be accessed from any device with an internet connection, just think about the devices your users will be accessing your SaaS platform from while designing the UI and UX. Our designers will make sure that your users may access and manipulate their data from any location and on any device, in the most appropriate interface.
04. Development & Testing
This phase involves development work on both the front and back ends of your SaaS platform. When creating SaaS platforms, our developers wouldn't create everything at once. To begin, we often release a "minimum viable product" (MVP), which has just the most essential functionality.

After releasing a minimum viable product (MVP) of your SaaS platform, the team may learn from the experiences of early adopters to decide what features should be enhanced or added in the future. Meanwhile, quality assurance (QA) engineers make sure everything is working as it should be, both individually and collectively.
05. Maintenance & Update
When it comes to a SaaS solution, having SaaS developers on staff may aid in fixing errors and laying the groundwork for new features. Here is the time to take in user comments, evaluate them, and make changes or additions based on what you learn about what your users want.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Development of SAAS Platforms

As a licensing and delivery model, "software as a service" (SaaS) allows users to pay for access to software on a recurring subscription basis while keeping their data in a centralized location. Software as a service, or SaaS, is a model of delivering computer programs through the Internet.

Simply put, since they are offered via the internet and don't need installation or extensive setup, SaaS platforms are often far more cost effective than traditional software programs. Therefore, it can be said that the SaaS is a model of delivering computer programs through the Internet, to optimize budget and cost.

- Fixed price is ideal for low-risk, low-scope SaaS initiatives.

- Time & Material is the preferred method for large-scale SaaS endeavors that emphasize adaptability.

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